22 Side Hustles For Accountants Who Wants to Escape the Rat Race

Accountants are some of the highest-paid professionals, but perhaps you’re looking for other ways to earn more money on top of your salary.

So, we’ve compiled a list of good paying side hustles for accountants that we hope can be useful to you.

I’ve also included fresh ideas that will utilize your other skills, passion, and knowledge.

Best Side Hustles for Accountants

One thing we have discounted from this article are low paying gigs like paid surveys because they are just not worth your time.

In fact, some side hustles below could help you earn a substantial income from home, and might even allow you to quit your accounting job (if that’s your goal).

So, shall we take a look at your options?

1. Part-time Bookkeeper or Auditor

Side Income Rate: $20-$100 per hour

You are already dealing with numbers everyday, why not use your skill to generate some side income.

Being a part-time Bookkeeper or Auditor is probably the easiest and most practical side hustle for you because it directly relates to your profession.

How to start? I recommend building a personal brand website to show case your portfolio, and then offer your services on popular freelancing sites.

2. Part-time Accounting Professor

Side Income Rate: $25,000 to $27,000 a year

If teaching is up your alley, why not share your knowledge and experience with aspiring accountants?

I know lots of full-time accountants teach at a university after working hours. They teach not only for the money, but for the fulfilment too.

How to start? Of course, you want to find some nearby colleges and universities and inquire the vacancies.

3. Teach Accounting Online

Side Income Rate: $50-100 per hour

As the home-based learning culture find its popularity (all thanks to, Ahem, you know what), more and more people are seeking to learn a new skill online.

The best thing is, you can do this side hustle all from the comfort of your home.

How to start? Check out some popular e-learning platforms here. You can register as a teacher.

4. Teach English Online

Side Income Rate: $10-20 per hour

I’m not sure about you, but where I come from, if you are an accountant, you are good in English.

So, if that’s you, then why not spend some extra hours teaching English online.

You’d be surprised that there is a huge demand of people who wants to learn or sharpen their English, but not enough supply of teachers.

How to start? Here are some popular Online learning platforms focused on teaching English.

5. Private Accounting Tutor

Side Income Rate: $30-80 per hour

I’m sure you still remember your struggles to nail your accounting exams and get that “piece of paper”, be it your diploma, degree, or CPA.

Now, it’s your turn to help students and aspiring accountants to nail their exams, and make a few bucks along the way.

How to start? Post up some flyers around nearby schools or maybe ask around your social connections. You may also want to try Craigslist. Be creative! There are lots of ways to get the word out.

6. Part-Time Forensic Accountant

Side Income Rate: $50-500 per hour

Enough of teaching, let’s get on to something more interesting.

Have you always wanted to become a detective (I do)?

But, your love for numbers prevailed over solving crimes?

Now, you have the chance to be both!

This side hustle for accountants is interesting as you will expose irregularities in financial statements and uncover illegal activities like money laundering, tax evasion, and embezzlement.

Agencies like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), banks, and even small business owners will need forensic accountants from time to time.

However, you might be required to pass a security clearance and background checks to qualify for jobs that involve crimes. You may also need to act as a witness during courtroom hearings.

Aside from that, forensic accountants also settle disputes in properties among families, married couples, etc.

How to start? Search this job on some popular job portals like Indeed or Simply Hired.

7. Virtual CFO/Controller

Side Income Rate: $500-2,500+ per month

If you’ve been practicing your trade for a while now, you can consider becoming a part-time remote financial controller or virtual CFO (Chief Finance Officer) for start-ups firms, and small businesses.

I’m sure you know the job scope of a CFO or Controller, but let me just list them down here:

  • Overseeing the company’s accounting department
  • Preparing budgets plans
  • Managing Company’s insurance
  • Tax reporting
  • CPA audits
  • Financial compliance; and
  • Maintaining financial records

How to start? These jobs frequently appear on popular job portals.

8. Part-Time Tax Consultant or Preparer

Side Income Rate: $30-50 per hour

Tax filing period is probably one of the most hated part of the year, especially for businesses and firms.

All year round, there is a huge demand for this service, but not enough Tax Consultants or preparer to go around. You will always see job posting by accounting firms and agencies on job portals.

This is a perfect side hustle for accountants because you will never run out of job.

How to start? Search on job portals, or if you choose to work from home, check out Turbo Tax, Tax Slayer, and UpWork.

9. Start a Blog

Side Income Rate: Unlimited Potential

Starting a blog may sound daunting, but it is actually a very simple, yet rewarding task.

Thousands of bloggers have made a life-changing income through creating an affiliate marketing website and/or earning through advertising revenue. I’m pretty sure you know QuickBooks, right?

Do you know you can promote QuickBooks and they will pay you affiliate commissions when someone signups the service through your blog?

QuickBooks is just one example, how about Xero, Sage or Freshbooks?

On your blog, you can…

  • Share real-life experience on your job
  • Tips on handling personal finances
  • Impart your accounting knowledge and expertise
  • Write reviews on account software
  • Provide valuable accounting resources

I’m pretty sure fellow accountants, start-ups, small businesses, and even an average joe will love your blog and regularly visit it. A good examples of accounting blog are “The Wealthy Accountant” and “Blake Oliver“.

10. Freelance Writing

Side Income Rate: $5-100 per article

As a freelance writer, you can write not just about accounting but anything that interests you or something you have knowledge about.

There are bloggers and businesses in almost any fields or industry, and there is a constant demand for high-quality content that are engaging.

If you are good at writing, this side hustle has the potential to become a full-time gig.

How to start? There are many freelancing sites nowadays. If you search the right keywords on Google, you’ll probably find them. But, to make it easy for you, we have consolidated a list of credible freelance sites for writers.

11. Create an Accounting Course

Side Income Rate: Unlimited Potential

It could be an advanced spreadsheet class, business analyst class, investment class, start-up accounting, or accounting forensic class.

Whatever skill you have, you can create it into an online course and sell it.

There is a huge demand for your knowledge, so you don’t need worry if there’s no one buying it.

How to start? Refer to some existing online courses and develop your unique teaching plan. Record your video lessons with a screen recorder and webcam (nothing too fancy). Once done, host your online course on e-learning platforms.

12. Start a YouTube Channel

Side Income Rate: Unlimited Potential

Are you comfortable speaking in front of the camera? Does sharing your interest or passion with others come naturally to you?

If yes, then you are the perfect candidate for this side hustle.

Need inspiration? Check out James at his channel “Accounting Stuff” or Sara at her channel “Sara Marie“.

With one small channel, you have many ways to earn money. You can promote affiliate products, get sponsorship, earn advertising revenue from Google Adsense, and many more.

Starting a YouTube Channel is definitely a rewarding and fun side hustle for accountants. Get out of your comfort zone and get creative!

13. Make Money With Your Car

If you have a car and you don’t mind others using it, then make money with it!

Ride Sharing

Side Income Rate: $8-12 per hour

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Uber or Lyft.

Whenever you commute to or back from work, you can always share your ride with others without inconveniencing yourself.

Ride Sharing is a great side hustle for you without putting in extra effort.

Driving Instructor

Side Income Rate: $10-40 per hour

Before you jump into this side hustle, it’s best to do some research. There are certain skills and qualities needed, like patience, mindfulness, communication skills, and others, to fulfil the role of a driving instructor.

Check this out to see if you qualify.

Moving Advertisement

Side Income Rate: $400-1,000 per month

Firms like Wrapify will pay you money to stick advertisements on your car.

You can effortlessly earn awesome side income from this gig.

But, the only thing is, you need to scarifies the look of your car.

14. Flipping Items

Side Income Rate: Six-figure Income Potential

I’m not asking you to toss something in the air. Lol!

Pretty sure you are good at identifying a great business opportunity as an accountant.

How about flipping land, cars, sofas, or furniture?

Buy low, refurbish, then sell high! Makes total sense to you, right?

How to start? You can either do some research on Google, or you can check out this course on flipping.

Flipping items is definitely a fine side hustle for accountants because this challenges your numbers skill.

15. Rent Your Stuff

Here are the average rental rates:

  • Home: $924 per month on average
  • Boat: $75-600 per hour
  • Bike: $20-50 per day
  • Sporting Gears: $30-100 per day
  • Cameras: $50-100 per day
  • Jewellery: $25-175 per month

16. Be a Freelancer

Here are the average rates:

  • Voice-over artist: $0.20-0.70 per word
  • Video Editing: $75-150 per hour
  • Transcribing: $1.35 per recorded minute
  • Graphic Designing: $45-100 per hour
  • Data Entry: $10-$25 per hour

So, whatever extracurricular skills you have, you can offer them on freelancing sites.

17. Start a Low-Risk T-Shirt Brand

Side Income Rate: Six-figure Income Potential

Nowadays, you don’t need to source for a good supplier to print hundreds of T-Shirts hoping that it will sell.

There is a cheaper and low risk alternative.

Print on Demand sites like spreadshop, Teespring, and SellMyTees allow you to design your clothing line without spending a cent buying any products from them.

Plus, they will even handle the shipping for you.

When there is an order, they will print your branded T-Shirt and send it to your customer.

So, all you need to do is to whip up a cool T-Shirt design and learn how to market it online.

18. Be a Caregiver

Side Income Rate: $10-20 per hour

Be it taking care of kids or elderly, this side hustle could be a wind down for you.

Some would even feel like it is a serenity from their hectic accountant life.

How to start? The best place is to start looking for this gig is on Craigslist. You could even post up some posters or flyers around your neighbourhood.

Remember, you are doing it for a good cause. It is not a demeaning job!

19. Be a Home Baker

Side Income Rate: Full-Time Income Opportunity

I know it is out of character to be a home baker, but I am pretty sure accounting is not your only hobby.

And, if baking is up your alley, why not selling your bakes? Nowadays, there are so many home bakers selling their stuff on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

You just need to learn some food photography and online marketing skills, on top of your baking skill.

20. Start an Amazon FBA Business

Side Income Rate: Six-Figure Income Opportunity

Source for cheap, yet high-quality product that has a “wow” factor. Buy it in a bulk, and send it to the Amazon warehouse for them to handle the entire sales and logistic process.

That’s the gist of what Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) is.

Amazon will provide:

  • An e-commerce platform to sell your products
  • Storage space for your products
  • 24/7 customer care support
  • Reliable Logistic services (Packaging and delivery)

And of course, Amazon is a known brand, and buyers feel more comfortable buying products from the platform.

Now, even though Amazon has made it so simple to sell products, this side hustle comes with risks.

Whether your products sell or not, you will incur:

  • Product Sourcing fee
  • Bulk purchase from suppliers
  • Amazon FBA fee

That’s why it is important for the product you choose to be sellable, otherwise you will be losing money on this side hustle.

The reason Amazon FBA is a good side hustle for accountants is because you can quickly identify a winning product from a losing one fast.

Hence, directing all resources to selling the profitable product.

How to start? You can go to YouTube or Google to source for free information, or you can check out this course conducted by an industry expert.

21. Dropshipping

Side Income Rate: Six-Figure Income Opportunity

Now, if you do have an interest in selling online but you don’t have the money to buy bulk products from suppliers, then you can consider starting a dropshipping business.

Dropshipping works similarly with Amazon and Shopify except for the fact that you don’t have to own an inventory to sell online.

In dropshipping, you won’t be required to purchase an inventory or own any products unless a customer orders one. You just have to set up an online retail store and display products.

But one downside is that you’ll have lower profits if you are competing over price on eBay. You also have no control when the stocks are available or not because you don’t own any products.

That’s why, it is better to start your own dropshipping brand website, instead of relying on eBay to sell the products for you.

Some of the best dropshipping platforms include AliExpress, Oberlo, Doba, and BigCommerce.

22. Affiliate Marketing

Side Income Rate: Six-Figure Income Opportunity

Now, if all the above side hustles are not enticing enough, then my last recommendation is to start Affiliate Marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you don’t need to develop or own a product.

You can simply earn a commission by doing “word of mouth” marketing online.

The most common way to do affiliate marketing is to start a blog, a YouTube channel, an Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok account.

promote products that you believe in provide other people with ideas and suggestions on which products or services you know might help them with their current problems.

I think I’ve mentioned this earlier that you can promote accounting software. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There are accounting courses, budgeting tools, insurance, and all other financial instruments for you to promote as affiliate. The opportunity is endless!

And the amazing thing is, you don’t need any prior knowledge or experience. Affiliate Marketing is regarded as one of the low cost, low risk, online business to start.

If you don’t know where to start, watch this free webinar.

Summing it up

We hope these 22 side hustles for accountants gave you some ideas for you to kick start your journey to freedom.

Thank you for sticking around this far, and I hope you have enjoyed your time here.

I would appreciate if you can share this article to someone else who may benefit from this.

And, don’t forget to share with me your thoughts on these side hustles before you leave.

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