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9 Best Niche Ideas For Pinterest Affiliate Marketing 2022 & Beyond

If you’re looking for the best niche ideas for Pinterest Affiliate Marketing, then this is for you.

According to Pinterest Newsroom…

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant increase in the volume of pinners searching for ideas on how to start a new business.

Most Profitable Niches On Pinterest

So in this post, we will share with you the top 9 niches that can give you a good chance of making make money with affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

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And now, let’s take a look at the most profitable niches for Pinterest affiliate marketing post COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Travel Niche

Pinterest Travel Niche

Even when Pandemic hits, and the world is basically grounded, people’s desire to travel grows even more. In 2022, we could see quite a number of travel bubbles formed between countries.

You will see people posting more and more travel pictures about the places they have visited. The travel industry will pick up from 2022 onwards.

And in an entrepreneurial perspective, this is one of the best time to jump into the travel market.

The travel niche may have taken a hit due to the pandemic, but it is an evergreen niche that has been popular for all the years.

That is evident in the Google Trends:

Travel Niche Trends

Some of the most searched travel-related queries on Pinterest include:

KeywordMonthly Search Volume
on Pinterest
Travel Adventures5 Million +
Travel Tips5 Million +
Travel Ideas5 Million +
Travelling Destinations5 Million +
Top Travel Destinations5 Million +
Foodies Travel5 Million +

Best travel affiliate programs:

  1. Agoda
  2. Airbnb
  3. Amazon
  4. Booking.com
  5. Expedia
  6. Kayak
  7. Skyscanner
  8. Travelpayouts
  9. TripAdvisor
  10. Priceline

Find more affiliate programs for the travel niche by:

  1. Search for “travel affiliate programs” on your browser
  2. Join affiliate networks

If you’re well-versed with things related to travel, then right now might be your perfect chance to become successful with affiliate marketing in Pinterest.

2. Food Niche

Pinterest Food Niche

I mean, who doesn’t like food, right?

Furthermore, many people comes to Pinterest searching for food recipes, ingredients, and cooking equipment to buy.

Food niche Google Trends:

Food Niche Google Trends

Some of the most searched food-related queries on Pinterest include:

KeywordMonthly Search Volume
on Pinterest
Healthy Food5 Million +
Food Styling5 Million +
Food on the go5 Million +
Kitchen Utensils5 Million +
Baking Utensils5 Million +
Picnic Food5 Million +

Top 10 food affiliate programs on Pinterest:

  1. Art of Tea
  2. FreshDirect
  3. Food Blogger Pro
  4. Food Huggers
  5. GourmetAds
  6. HealthyWage
  7. HomeChef
  8. Sun Basket
  9. Vitamix
  10. Wine of the Month Club

For more options, type in “food affiliate programs” in your browser.

3. Health & Fitness Niche

Pinterest Health And Fitness Niche

People from all walks of life are looking for health-related pins such as weight loss, home exercise, and healthy diet on Pinterest.

And over the years, the Health and Fitness niche’s popularity has been consistent:

Health And Fitness Niche Trends

Some of the most searched Health and Fitness related queries on Pinterest include:

KeywordMonthly Search Volume
on Pinterest
How to be healthy5 Million +
Health Fitness5 Million +
Health and Weight loss5 Million +
Dieting and health5 Million +
Good Nutrition5 Million +
Health and Beauty Tips5 Million +

Best health & fitness affiliate programs you can promote on Pinterest:

  1. American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  2. BodyBuilding
  3. Fitbit
  4. Food Blogger Pro
  5. International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)
  6. Net2Fitness
  7. Organifi
  8. Pro-Form
  9. The Vitamin Shoppe
  10. Wahoo

To find more affiliate programs for this niche, simply search for keywords like:

  • health & fitness affiliate programs
  • health affiliate programs
  • fitness affiliate programs
  • weight loss affiliate programs

And while this niche is overcrowded on Google, the good news is Pinterest doesn’t prioritize older, established websites with high domain authority.

So even if you’re just starting out as a affiliate marketer, the odds that you can make your pin go viral on Pinterest to earn a lot of affiliate commissions is very high.

So, how do you like our first three top affiliate marketing niches for Pinterest so far?

If they aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, hang in there as there’s still 6 more to go!

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Anyways, moving on…

4. DIY Crafts Niche

DIY Crafts Niches On Pinterest

During these times when most people have a lot of free time to tinker with projects at home, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is a hot niche for Pinterest marketers.

The DIY niche is broad interest, and some of the most popular sub niches under this topic includes DIY home decors, DIY furniture, DIY gifts, DIY jewelry, DIY crafts for kids, and many others.

Furthermore, handy skills like woodworking, sewing, knitting, and crocheting also falls under this niche.

Let’s take a look at the “woodworking” as an example.

Woodworking has been a consistent popular interest over the years as you can see in the Google Trends:

DIY Woodworking On Pinterest

Meanwhile, some of the most searched queries about woodworking on Pinterest include:

KeywordMonthly Search Volume
on Pinterest
Woodworking diy5 Million +
Woodworking projects5 Million +
Fun woodworking5 Million +
Woodworking ideas5 Million +
Woodworking decor5 Million +
Woodworking furniture ideas5 Million +

Popular woodworking affiliate programs:

  1. Acme Tools
  2. Armani Fine Woodworking
  3. Furniture & Woodcrafts Plan
  4. Highland Woodworking
  5. JM Boxwood Woodworking
  6. KC Tools
  7. Lumber Liquidators
  8. Shop Woodworking
  9. Ted’s Woodworking
  10. Woodworker’s Guild of America

To find more, type in “woodworking affiliate programs” in your browser.

And if woodworking is something out of your comfort zone, you can try searching for other DIY craft affiliate programs that you want to promote.

You can also search for affiliate programs of DIY sub niches like:

  • knitting affiliate programs
  • sewing affiliate programs
  • crochet affiliate programs

Be sure to do a Google Trends search about your DIY interest to guarantee that you’ll have an audience who will buy your products.

Pro-Tip: You will want to start an affiliate blog or website before you start marketing products on Pinterest.

5. Fashion Niche

Best Affiliate Marketing Niche Pinterest Fashion

Pinterest is a visual platform like Instagram and Tiktok, hence, people who can promote trendy outfits, accessories and apparels have a vast target market here.

As you can see, fashion has been a trending niche over the years.

Fashion Niche For Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

And while it suffered a significant drop during the first months of the pandemic, the trend is now starting to climb back again.

Here are some of the most searched fashion-related terms on the platform:

KeywordMonthly Search Volume
on Pinterest
Fashion style5 Million +
Fashion tips5 Million +
Women fashion5 Million +
Fashion ideas5 Million +
Fashion accessories5 Million +
Cute fashion5 Million +

Best affiliate programs for fashion niche on Pinterest:

  1. Impact
  2. Karina Dresses
  3. New Chic
  4. Nike
  5. Pretty Little Thing
  6. ShopStyle
  7. Stella & Dot
  8. Tea Collection
  9. Under Armour
  10. Zappos

Find more fashion affiliate programs to promote by typing “fashion affiliate programs” on your browser.

And while the majority of the Pinterest users are female, trends show that male users are growing steadily in numbers as well!

So both male and female fashion products now has the potential to bring you in a lot of income.

6. Beauty & Personal Care Niche

Pinterest Personal Care Niche

In a social media platform that majority of users are women, its’s no surprise that beauty and personal care is one of the best niches for affiliate marketing.

Two of the most popular sub niches for beauty and personal care are makeup and hair styles.

And as what you can expect, both topics have been consistently popular over the years based on the data from Google Trends.

As as example, let’s say you are someone who knows a lot about makeups.

Here are some of the popular searchers for the makeup sub niche.

KeywordMonthly Search Volume
on Pinterest
Makeup tips5 Million +
Makeup ideas5 Million +
Makeup for wedding5 Million +
How to makeup5 Million +
Makeup looks5 Million +
Makeup tutorial5 Million +

Top makeup affiliate programs:

  1. Avon
  2. BH Cosmetics
  3. Black Opal
  4. Colorescience
  5. ELF Cosmetics
  6. Erno Lazlo
  7. Juice Beauty
  8. Pur Cosmetics
  9. Scentbird
  10. Sephora

To find more products to promote for this niche, you can further search for:

  • beauty affiliate programs
  • hairs affiliate programs
  • makeup affiliate programs
  • nail affiliate programs

7. Parenting Niche

Parenting Niche Affiliate Programs For Pinterest

A lot of parents (typically moms) usually share their experiences about parenthood on Pinterest.

And needless to say, parenting niche will always be relevant as long as human beings exist.

Parenting Niche Popularity Trends

Some of the popular topics about parenting on Pinterest including its sub niches are are:

KeywordMonthly Search Volume
on Pinterest
Parenting tips5 Million +
Baby recipes5 Million +
Baby foods5 Million +
Sleeping tips for babies5 Million +
Baby strollers3-4 Million
Strollers for baby and toddlers2-3 Million

Popular affiliate programs for parenting niche:

  1. Baby Sleep Miracle
  2. Bloom
  3. buybuy BABY
  4. Ergo Baby
  5. Green Kid Crafts
  6. Gymboree
  7. Highlights
  8. Kids In The House
  9. Organic Baby Food
  10. Sleep Sense

You can find more affiliate products to promote in this niche by searching for key phrases like:

  • parenting affiliate programs
  • baby products affiliate programs

So if you’re looking for ways to make money from home as a mom or dad, you certainly can as a Pinterest affiliate marketer!

You can get started here.

8. Gift Ideas

Pinterest Gift Ideas

Everyday someone somewhere is planning to buy a gift for another person.

Since Pinterest is a visual platform, many people visit the site to look at images of different gift ideas.

And there is an exceptional increase in this niche’s popularity when holiday season comes.

Gift Ideas Popularity Trend

Some of the most search gift idea queries on Pinterest are:

KeywordMonthly Search Volume
on Pinterest
Wedding gift ideas5 Million +
DIY gift ideas5 Million +
Gift ideas for mom5 Million +
Home gift ideas5 Million +
Cute gift ideas for him5 Million +
Gift ideas for birthdays5 Million +

Best gift niche affiliate programs:

  1. Cloud 9 Living
  2. Design It Yourself
  3. Gifting Inc
  4. Gifts For You
  5. GiftsNIdeas
  6. Newfrog
  8. Personalized Gift Company
  9. Simply Personalized
  10. Ugly Christmas Sweater

The market potential for gift ideas niche is huuuge!

And since every person are looking for different kind of gifts, technically speaking, you can signup with every other affiliate programs on other niches as well.

You can then create different boards for every niches like travel, food, health, parenting, fashion, etc and create pins of gift ideas related to each niche.

It could be for gadgets, clothes, tools, musical instruments, home decor, furniture, beauty products, baby products, and the list goes on.

9. Entrepreneurship

Best Niche On Pinterest For Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneurship

Like we mentioned at the beginning of this post, more and more people are now coming to Pinterest to find fresh ideas on how to make money.

Entrepreneurship has always been a popular topic, even more during these times of pandemic when most people lose their jobs.

Entrepreneurship Niche Popularity Google Trends

Which is why some of the most popular pins you can find on Pinterest are:

KeywordMonthly Search Volume
on Pinterest
Business opportunities5 Million +
Make money online ideas5 Million +
Side hustle ideas5 Million +
Blogging tips5 Million +
How to make money blogging5 Million +
Work from home jobs5 Million +
How to make money on Pinterest5 Million +

And while there are many sub niches under the entrepreneurship niche, one of the most popular is no doubt blogging.

There’s plenty of “blogging affiliate programs” you can find out there, but this training program (with a free trial) one is my absolute favourites.

Conclusion: Best Niche Ideas for Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

I hope you find this list of the best niche ideas for Pinterest affiliate marketing useful.

  1. Travel Niche
  2. Food Niche
  3. Health & Fitness Niche
  4. DIY Crafts Niche
  5. Fashion Niche
  6. Beauty & Personal Care Niche
  7. Parenting Niche
  8. Gift Ideas Niche
  9. Entrepreneurship Niche

If you happen to know any other highly profitable niches for affiliate marketing on Pinterest that we haven’t included here, you can let us know in the comment section below.

Before I end, if you are wondering how you should start an affiliate marketing business, then I highly recommend that you check this out.

It is the same training program that helped thousands of individuals to earn a full-time passive income from home.

Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Until here, and good luck with your Pinterest affiliate marketing journey.

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