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Best Web Hosting For Affiliate Marketing

Are you looking for the best Web Hosting for Affiliate Marketing Blogs or Landing Pages, or maybe you are looking for the Web Hosting Companies that pays the highest affiliate commission rate?

You are in the right place because this article will cover both topics. Feel free to skip ahead using the table of contents:

Best Web Hosting for Affiliate Marketing Blogs or Landing Pages

To understand the meaning “Best” when it comes to web hosting, we’ve got to assess the following factors:

Best Web Hosting for Affiliate Marketing Websites
  1. Page Speed
  2. Stability and Security
  3. Ease of Use
  4. Price

Page Speed is one of the most important aspects of web hosting for affiliate marketing because if a page loads more than 3 seconds, you lose potential customers. They will just leave your site.

Stability and security are also essential because you don’t want hackers to access your site quickly and crash it or change your affiliate links to benefit them.

Ease of Use. We want to get our website up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible, and we do not wish to have a hard time managing our site’s backend.

Price. We do not want to pay exorbitant fees to run our websites. We want to spend the least and get the best.

With those factors in mind, I’ve spent over a month conducting this exhaustive test for your benefit as well as mine, because my current hosting plan was due for renewal, so I wanted to get the best bang for the buck hosting plan.


Fastest & the Cheapest Shared Hosting

A2 Hosting

a2 Hosting
  • Best Web Hosting for Affiliate Marketing
  • Best Page Speed Insights Score
  • Best Score on Core Web Vitals
  • Provides the most features
  • Cheapest when paid triennially
  • $2.99/Month for 1 Website
  • $6.99/Month for Unlimited Websites

Top 10 Fastest WordPress Hosting Ranked

Let me start by sharing with you a list of top 10 Fastest WordPress Hosting.

Note that every information in the table are backed by hundreds of data points, and all the testing conditions are exactly the same.

The tests done are openly shared and documented here.

1: Google Pagespeed Insights Score
2: First Input Delay
3: Largest Contentful Paint
4: Cumulative Layout Shift

RankWeb HostPSI
1A2 Hosting96.08111.592,435.050Visit a2 Hosting
2DreamHost95.99120.452,330.660Visit DreamHost
3Kualo95.5488.132,603.750Visit Kualo
4UltaHost95.2794.002,474.500Visit UltaHost
5Contabo94.74125.002,330.500Visit Contabo
6Chemicloud94.63139.482,625.950Visit Chemicloud
7DigitalOcean94.52128.002,564.500Visit DigitalOcean
8NameHero94.28137.322,682.030Visit Namehero
9Linode94.22133.002,588.000Visit Linode
10VPSDime94.16139.002,567.500Visit VPSDime

Fastest Shared Hosting

You may be wondering where are the popular hosts such as BlueHost, Hostinger, or SiteGround.

So, I thought I should break the results down even further.

RankWeb HostPSI
1A2 Hosting96.08111.592,435.050Visit a2 Hosting
2DreamHost95.99120.452,330.660Visit DreamHost
3Kualo95.5488.132,603.750Visit Kualo
4Chemicloud94.63139.482,625.950Visit Chemicloud
5NameHero94.28137.322,682.030Visit Namehero
6GreenGeeks93.98138.222,736.250Visit Greengeeks
7BlueHost93.98140.122,575.320Visit Bluehost
8Hostinger92.98117.412,974.010Visit Hostinger
9MechanicWeb88.33232.993,279.170Visit MechanicWeb
10NameCheap87.03234.183,143.340Visit Namecheap
11FastComet86.52118.333,565.580Visit FastComet
12WPX83.7588.694,031.660Visit WPX Hosting
13ScalaHosting70.53124.545,356.800Visit ScalaHosting
14SiteGround63.37267.904,492.710Visit SiteGround

So, as you can see, the popular hosts are not exactly the fastest, but they are heavily marketed.

  • A2 Hosting (visit)
  • DreamHost – Shared Unlimited (visit)
  • Kualo – Startup Plan (visit)
  • NameHero – Turbo Cloud (visit)
  • Chemicloud – Pro Plan (visit)
  • GreenGeeks – Pro Plan (visit)
  • BlueHost – Plus Plan (visit)
  • Hostinger – Premium Shared Hosting (visit)
  • MechanicWeb – Power Plan (visit)
  • NameCheap – Stellar Plus (visit)
  • FastComet – Fast Cloud Plus (visit)
  • WPX Hosting – Business Plan (visit)
  • ScalaHosting – Start Plan (visit)
  • SiteGround – GoGeek Plan (visit)

Fastest VPS Hosting

RankWeb HostPSI

  • UltaHost – VPS Business (visit)
  • Contabo – Cloud VPS S (visit)
  • DigitalOcean – Premium Droplets (visit)
  • Linode – Shared CPU (visit)
  • VPSDime – Linux VPS (visit)
  • Vultr – High Frequency Compute (visit)
  • Kamatera – Type B (visit)
  • SkySilk – Basic (visit)
  • InterServer – WordPress VPS (visit)

Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting

Choosing between Shared Hosting and VPS hosting, it depends on your technical abilities.

If you are a total beginner, then the best web hosting for affiliate marketing will be shared hosting because you can get your Affiliate Blog or landing page up and running within hours with ease. No technical knowledge required.

But, if you are a technical person, and you would like to save on the costs, then a VPS hosting is the right choice for you.

Choosing the best web hosting for affiliate marketing

Since speed is one of the top priorities, we are going to compare the top 5 fastest WordPress hosting.


FeaturesA2 HostingDreamHostKualoUltaHostContabo
Unlimited Websites
(50GB or Above)
Unlimited Bandwidth or TrafficYesYesNoYesYes
NVME StorageYesNoNoYesYes
Free Automatic BackupYesYesYesYesYes
Free SSL CertificatesYesYesYesYesYes
Free Site Migration AssistanceYesYesYesYesNo
Security FeaturesYesYesYesYesYes
Uptime – 99.9% and AboveYesYesYesYesNo


Now, let’s finally discover what is the best web hosting for affiliate marketing.

AttributesA2 HostingDreamHostKualoUltaHostContabo
Price (3 Years)$251.64$253.20$479.76$295.11$305.64
Price (Monthly)$6.99$7.03$13.33$8.20$8.49
Visit a2 HostingVisit DreamHostVisit KualoVisit UltaHostVisit Contabo

Considering site speed, features, and price, we have identified A2 Hosting as the best web hosting for affiliate marketing in terms of shared hosting and overall, and UltaHost for VPS Hosting.

How Did We Test?

Final Results

Video Transcript

This is probably the biggest and the most exhaustive test that I’ve done, and this is all because I wanted to have my websites hosted on the best WordPress web hosting service.

By best I mean the fastest the cheapest and the most stable web hosting service. So over a month ago I set out on a journey to test out as many web hosting services as possible.

I tried VPS hosting services, which basically means virtual private servers, which also means in a hard case server you allocated a dedicated space for your website.

It is unlike a shared hosting service where your sites are hosted together with many other websites, sharing the same resources, and honestly I made a few shocking discoveries!

My initial thought and impression was that virtual private servers are going to outperform shared hosting services, I was wrong!

In a virtual private server space, a well-known web hosting service called Vultr is said to be the best performing, but it is not!

My current web host, SiteGround, which was said to be one of the fastest shared hosting providers on the market, turns out to be the slowest!

And, finally some of the low-key web hosting services which I never thought would be at the top, turns out that they are at the top!

So, there is a saying “If you never try or test something out, you never know”, right?

And I’m glad that I went through all these hassle instead of trusting what someone else said.

Now, if you haven’t watched these two videos yet, I highly recommend that you do so because that way, you will know how I’ve conducted the test and whether or not I was fair and objective.

But, just to give you a gist, I’ve exported the content and database of one of the sites that was hosted on SiteGround and I’ve imported them to a completely blank WordPress sites that are hosted across many different web hosts.

So, each web host will have a dedicated domain name, but all the contents plugins, themes, and database are the same.

So, everything is tested on equal grounds.

If a web host runs on the lightspeed server, the lightspeed caching plugin was used.

And, for apache and Nginx servers the WP rocket plug-in was used. So, that’s the only difference.

Now, before I get into any details, I want to mention this.

The results in this test is not meant to bring any negative or malicious intent towards the web host, and I am not in any way asking you to leave your current web host, let me be clear about this!

Whatever decision you make is up to you. This video is meant to create awareness so that the web host that are ranked at the bottom can do better for their customers.

And, this video is also part of the research for me to decide which web hosting service I’m going to migrate to for the next couple of years, and hopefully forever!

So I’ve done hundreds of manual google PageSpeed insights tests on VPS web host and have also relied on an automated tool to do hourly google PageSpeed tests on all the web hosts.

I’ve collected hundreds of data points on each of the web hosts, and here are the results.

Now, putting them together really gives a different perspective right. I have two more web hosting services I want to add to this list.

Vivek asked me to test mechanic web, I did.

MD Abdullah told me that Namecheap stellar hosting is fast, so I did the test as well.

Let me first add the data from namecheap stellar plus. This is the plan that I’ve used.

Now let’s go to the tool I’ve used to do the automated test. Let’s go to namecheap, open this up, these are the data that I’ve collected. Let me grab the average we only need the mobile data.

So, let’s copy this let’s head over back to the spreadsheet and paste it here.

Now I’m actually quite surprised that name cheap is faster than all these web hosts, because it is much cheaper and less popular.

But, in general, it is still not fast as compared to these over here.

Plus, name cheap happen to be the slowest among all the hosts that use a lightspeed server.

Now, let me style this a little bit.

Next, we have mechanic web.

Honestly, I have high hopes for this web hosting provider because I have heard many good things about them. So, maybe mechanic web may turn out to be the fastest? Who knows? Let’s check it out.

Let’s open the spreadsheet and let me grab the average.

Let’s copy this and paste it over here. And unfortunately this is not what I’ve expected.

Mechanic web did not perform very well compared to its peers.

Let me add mechanic web here. Let me combine these two lists of data and let’s sort them out by score and we can see that the top three fastest WordPress web hosting is actually from shared hosting.

And, at the fourth and fifth place we have these two VPS hosts. So this goes to say that VPS hosts don’t translate to a faster web host.

It is more of not having your resources shared with others, and it gives an additional layer of security.

And, if you are building projects that require root access, VPS is definitely the choice and when it comes to scalability and flexibility you should be looking at VPS.

It doesn’t make much difference when it comes to speed so when it comes to a normal blog or you just need a simple WordPress website without the hassle of managing everything on your own. If your site is down you can rely on a support team to fix things for you, then shared hosting is what you need.

And, for my case I run several blogs and I honestly don’t want to troubleshoot my website when things go wrong so my choice is going to be a shared hosting service.

But just to be objective, we now know which are the faster web hosting services, so we will take the top five providers into consideration to see which is the best in terms of the price and stability, so let’s go.

So, these are all the plans I’m considering I don’t mind paying for three years of hosting because I’m in this for a long haul, and it gives me more discounts.

My goal is to shift to a web host that allows me to host unlimited websites and I know unlimited websites are not really unlimited, it is more of a fair usage.

As long as I don’t hoard their ram and disk space, it should be fine. But, 50 gig of storage space should be enough for me.

I am also concerned about what if there is a traffic spike what is going to happen to my sites.

We are looking at bandwidth in this case.

Also what is the hard disk they use, is it NVME SSD or just the SSD? I’m only considering NVME because it has more processing capacity.

Next, do they provide free automatic backup or do I have to pay for it? The SSL certificates are a norm.

Can they help me with site migration what are the security features do they help you prevent hackers ddos protection, etc.

And, finally what is the uptime? I’m only looking for 99.9 because that’s the downtime of an hour in a year.

If it is 99 percent only it is 3.5 days of down time in a year which is not good, so these are the things I’m looking for in the web host.

Let’s first check out Contabo.

For Contabo I’m looking at this VPS S plan. Now, looking into VPS, you basically manage everything.

You can install the security features as you desire, like the mod security or firewall, so we don’t need to talk about security in terms of vps.

VPS are generally more secure than shared hosting, so security is checked.

And then, we have 4 CPU cores and 8 gig of ram which is suitable for you to host a lot of websites on the server, but limited to 50 gig of NVME storage, which is what I’m looking for.

In terms of traffic spikes, I have no worry because there is no limit to the incoming traffic.

We don’t need to talk about backups in VPS because it depends on the control panel you use.

You can even use CyberPanel although it is not listed here.

It depends on how you install it but most control panels allow you to do automated backup so this checks out.

Does it provide free ssl certificates? Yes.

Will they help me with site migration? I did some research, and the answer is no, you have to do it on your own.

And, finally what is the uptime? I can’t find any information on the site, so I have to rely on third-party information.

Well, I’m not trusting this, but I just want to look at this data, and it says that the uptime for Contabo is 99.7 which is not what I’m looking for.

So, out of the eight features I’m looking for in a web post Contabo passes six.

Next, let’s go to UltaHost.

Now, as for UltaHost I’m looking at this VPS business plan.

We don’t need to talk about security and backups, they are checked by default because they are managed by you.

If I pay yearly, this is about $7.90 per month, but if I pay monthly, it is $9.50 per month.

It provides me with 50 gig of NVME SSD storage.

It provides free SSL certificates.

As for the traffic spike, I have no worries about it as well, it provides me with unlimited bandwidth.

It gives 99.9 uptime which is what we are looking for.

It also provides us with free migration services, plus the support is 24/7.

So, out of the 8 features I’m looking for UltaHost seems to check everything, which is good!

Now, let’s check out Kualo hosting.

For Kualo I’m looking at the WordPress performance plan because it provides us with 50 gig of storage space.

And, unfortunately it does not provide us with NVME storage.

It does provide us with free SSL certificates, 30 days of free backups and restoration.

It provides us with free site migration.

As for the security features, it provides us with malware scan, bot defence, machine learning firewall, WordPress patching, and what’s cool is that each customer is allocated its own resource pool, and it has full account isolation.

So, Kualo hosting has very good security features.

As for the traffic spike, I can’t find any information, so I guess you have to upgrade to a higher level plan.

As for the uptime, it is 99.99%, which is good.

So, out of the eight features kualo hosting passes six of them.

We will talk about the price in a while because kualo hosting is kind of expensive, but for now let’s check out dream host.

Now, as for dream host, we are looking at the WordPress Shared unlimited plan as it provides unlimited websites and unlimited storage space.

But unfortunately, it is not NVME storage.

It provides us with unmetered bandwidth, so this protects our sites from sudden traffic spikes.

It provides us with free SSL certificates.

It also provides us with a free migration tool, automated daily backups, and as for the security features, I think they provide the basics which I think is good enough, like the mod security and malware remover, as well as the firewall.

And finally, the uptime is 99.94 which feeds our criteria.

Overall, we have seven out of eight features for dream host.

Now, let’s finally check out a2 hosting.

Alright, as for a2 hosting, I’m looking at the turbo boost plan because it provides us with a limited websites as well as unlimited NVME storage, and I can leverage on their turbo servers.

This is the plan I use for this test as well.

Now, let’s check out what happens when there is a traffic spike.

There are so many things they categorize over here, which is good!

It shows that they are transparent, but I really need to find the feature, so I need to rely on the search function.

So, the performance plus traffic search protects our site from sudden traffic spikes and it is available for the turbo boost plan which is good.

What about SSL Certificates? Is it free? Yes!

Do they provide free backup? Yes.

How about site migration? Yes.

In most cases, they can migrate your site for free unless it is a complicated case which is unlikely for me.

So generally for me, this feature is free.

What about the security features?

They have all these security features built into all the plans, and this is really a steal!

I know there are some hosts that charge you for security features, and I feel that these features together go beyond the standard security features.

So, this is a big yes!

And finally, the uptime.

a2 hosting got a 99.94% which meets our criteria.

Again, I think we have a winner in terms of the features.

a2 hosting checks all the features I’m looking for, so now let’s wrap everything up, we’ll include the price into consideration as well.

So, let’s wrap this up. In terms of speed you guys know a2 hosting is the fastest.

As for the features, a2 hosting and UltaHosts are head to head.

And, now let’s talk about the price.

As you know I’m willing to pay three years worth of hosting so that I can get the most discounts.

As for Contabo I need my web host to be situated in the west of the us, so it is an additional of $1.50 per month which adds up to 101.88 per year.

For three years, it will cost $305.64, which equates to $8.49 per month.

As for UltaHost, it costs $98.37 per year for the VPS business plan.

For 3 years, it will be $295.11 which equates to $8.20 per month.

Now, as for Kualo hosting, this is the most expensive of all.

I thought this $9.99 was the price for three years, but I read wrongly. It was just for the first month.

So, if I select the 36 month plan, it costs $479.76, which is $13.33 per month.

Now, for dream host and it’s supposed to be $3.95 per month for the three year plan, but they upsell you on the security which I need so I will take this into account.

So, they will charge you $145.20 up front and they will bill you $3.00 per month.

If we add them up for three years, it will be $253.20, which equates to $7.03 per month.

And, finally for a2 hosting, it is $251.64 for three years, which equates to $6.99 per month.

So with this, a2 hosting is the fastest, it provides the best features, and it is the cheapest by a small margin, and hence my decision is to go with a2 hosting.

If you want to get into a2 hosting with me, you can use this link to get the latest discounts.

Honestly, I want to hear from you. What do you think about this analysis?

Are there anything that I’m missing? Please let me know in the comments down below.

I really hope this video helped because it took more than a month and a lot of hard work to get to this final analysis.

And, if it really did help, I hope you can do me a little favour and smash that thumbs up button so that this video can reach out to others who need this information. Thank you for watching! All the best to you! Take care, and as always stay safe!

Best Shared Hosting Compared

Best VPS Hosting Compared

Top 10 Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Since you already know what are the best web hosting for affiliate marketing, now let’s figure out which are the highest paying.

If you are in the web hosting niche, you’ll probably know that it is one of the most lucrative affiliate marketing niches. You could earn up to $7,000 per sale, depending on your target audience.

Web HostCommission Rate Per SaleSign Up LinkReview
Liquid Web$150 – $7,000Liquid Web Affiliate ProgramClick Here
Kinsta$50 – $500Kinsta Affiliate ProgramClick Here
WP Engine$200+WP Engine Affiliate programClick Here
Cloudways$50 – $200Cloudways Affiliate ProgramClick Here
A2 Hosting$55 – $125A2 Hosting Affiliate ProgramClick Here
DreamHost$15 – $200DreamHost Affiliate ProgramClick Here

Personally, I wouldn’t choose the highest paying web hosts as the best web hosting for affiliate marketing because they are super expensive.

Yet, they don’t exactly perform better than those that I’ve verified earlier.

I guess the target audiences for the highest paying web hosting, such as Liquid Web, Kinsta, and WP Engine, are businesses that requires some form of customization and security.

So, if you are promoting the highest paying ones, make sure you choose the right target audience.

Liquid Web Affiliate Program

Liquidweb is a premium hosting provider which offers Managed WooCommerce and WordPress Hosting.

Their managed WooCommerce and WordPress hosting plans are suitable for larger ecommerce sites, publication sites, and agencies, that requires a more reliable and safer platform as their network uptime is one of the best in the industry.

Their managed hosting plans come bundled with plugins from Beaver Builder, all Iconic WP plugins, along with analytics plugins like Jilt’s Abandoned Cart Recovery, Glew Analytics and Affiliate WP for referral tracking.

LiquidWeb does not charge any overages for Traffic, Domains, or SSL Certs, which makes it highly suitable for Agencies.

So, be sure to target the Agencies if you were to promote LiquidWeb.

As you already know, LiquidWeb is the highest paying web hosting affiliate program, but here’s the break down:

  • Managed WordPress: $150 – $2,000 per Qualified Referral
  • Managed WooCommerce: $150 – $3,000 per Qualified Referral
  • VPS Hosting: $150 – $300 per Qualified Referral
  • Dedicated Hosting: $150 – $7,000 per Qualified Referral
  • Cloud Hosting: $150 – $5,000 per Qualified Referral

Kinsta Affiliate Program

Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting provider built on Google Cloud Platform. It provides their customers with fast sites and ample services, including built-in SSL certificates, the lastest PHP versions, staging areas, and 24/7 support, and more.

You can earn up to $500 and a 10% monthly recurring lifetime commissions, which is a huge deal.

Any affiliate programs that offer recurring commissions are simply the best because you will continuously earn money as long as the customer stays as a customer.

So, even when your website is down in the future, and you are “out of business”, you’ll still earn commissions. That’s how wealth is made.

Here’s the breakdown of the commissions (all commissions comes with a 10% recurring commissions):

  • Starter Plan: $50 per Qualified Referral
  • Pro Plan: $100 per Qualified Referral
  • Business Plans: $150 per Qualified Referral
  • Enterprise Plans: $500 per Qualified Referral

The churn rate of Kinsta is 5% which means customers rarely leave the platform, so you can be sure that there will be a steady flow of recurring commissions.

It is highly rewarding to be a Kinsta Affiliate, but you just have to know who your target audiences are to reap the most reward.

WP Engine Affiliate Program

WP Engine is one of the highest paying affiliate programs in the web hosting industry. As an affiliate, you can earn up to $200 per sale, and get paid every 20th of the month.

Their affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale though, so you have to become an affiliate with ShareASale to apply.

Take note of the stringent affiliate approval process from ShareASale, and if you are not active for some time, you may be kicked out of the website, and you lose access to the WP Engine’s affiliate program entirely.

But, don’t worry, as long as you login once every 6 months, you are safe.

Anyway, to be successful with promoting WP Engine, it’s important to know who the company’s target audience is.

At the basic level, you’ll want to market to small business owners or bloggers who have a high budget for web hosting services.

These types of users are typically looking for reliable hosting at an affordable price point, and they are less likely to cut corners when it comes to website performance and security (not saying they are the fastest and most secure – do your own research!).

But, by focusing your marketing efforts on those key points I’ve mentioned, you can help to attract more high-value customers who are likely to sign up with WP Engine.

Here’s a breakdown of the commission structure, together with the bonus they offer (this table can be found at WP Engine’s Affiliate Program page):

# Monthly SalesCommissionsBonusTotal

The more referrals (sales) you have in a single month, the more bonus you will get on top of the $200 per sale commission you make.

The other awesome perks of becoming an affiliate with WP Engine includes:

  1. 180 days cookie period (Most affiliate programs offers 30 days) – Which means, as long as somebody clicks on your affiliate link, any sales made from that person within that 180 days time frame belongs to you.
  2. Two-tiered Affiliate Program – You can earn commissions from sub-affiliates you refer. That means if you refer other affiliates to join WP Engine (sub-affiliates), you make $50 every time your sub-affiliate makes a sale.

There are many benefits for joining this affiliate program, but honestly, you’ve got to believe strongly in a service before you can effectively promote it. If you think WP Engine is the right choice for you…

Cloudways Affiliate Program

Cloudways offer two unique ways to pay its affiliates. When you sign up as an affiliate with Cloudways, you can choose either the:

  • Slab method; or
  • Hybrid method

Slab method pays you based on a per sale basis. Every paying customer you bring to Cloudways, you earn up to $125 per sale. This is the tier:

SLABNo. of CustomersAffiliate Commission Per Sale
SLAB 11 – 5 Customers$50
SLAB 26 – 20 Customers$75
SLAB 321 – 45 Customers$100
SLAB 446 – 80 Customers$125
CUSTOM80+ Customers$200

Hybrid method pays you a fixed $30 per sale and it adds a 7% lifetime commission. So every customer you brings to Cloudways, your passive income increases for as long as the customers stays as customers.

This is a lucrative way to generate an incremental passive income.

Here are a few reasons why becoming an affiliate with Cloudways is great:

  • Dedicated affiliate manager: You will be assigned a dedicated affiliate manager to cater to your needs. You can ask questions (or even advice), on how to best promote Cloudways, and how did other affiliates do so.
  • Long affiliate cookie: As long as someone clicks on your affiliate link and signs up to Cloudways within 90 days, you will make that commission.
  • Affiliate training resource: If you are new to affiliate marketing, or you are not sure how to promote Cloudways, you will find these resources helpful. It includes onboarding emails, guides, newsletters, blogs and more.

Cloudways is truly one of the best web hosting for affiliate marketing as it provides you with stable hosting as well as a lucrative affiliate program.

A2 Hosting Affiliate Program

Another unique web hosting affiliate program as it offers second tier commissions.

Let’s first talk about the first-tier commissions:

No. of Sales Per MonthCommission per Sale
1 – 10 Sales$55
11 – 15 Sales$75
16 – 20 Sales$100
21+ Sales$125

And if you are an influencer, especially if you run a semi-successful YouTube channel, you can contact their affiliate manager, and they can offer you an immediate upgrade to $85 per sale.

Second-tier commissions:

If you recommend others to join A2 Hosting as an affiliate, like I do if you click on this link to sign up as an affiliate, for every sale you make, I will make $5.

The same goes if you recommend others to sign up as an affiliate through your affiliate link, when your referrals make a sale, you earn an additional $5 without doing any work.

That’s the beauty of 2nd tier commissions.

You get:

  • A long 90 affiliate cookie
  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • Custom welcome email and landing page (for top affiliates)
  • Deep linking
  • Real-time affiliate stats

Being the fastest WordPress hosting based on scientific research, it is easy to promote A2 Hosting as the best web hosting for affiliate marketing, in fact, there is no doubt that it is the best WordPress hosting!

DreamHost Affiliate Program

Like Cloudways, you have the potential to earn up to $200 per referral.

But, instead of following the model of paying more for recommending more customers, DreamHost adopted the paying more for higher-tier products.

PlansMonthly PlanYearly Plan
Shared Starter$15$50
Shared Unlimited$30$100
VPS (Virtual Private Server)$30$100
Dedicated Server$200$200
DreamPress (WordPress Hosting)$150$150

As you can see, you are rewarded more if your referred customer pays yearly for a higher-tier product such as VPS.

To sum it up

The best web hosting for affiliate marketing blogs and websites, due to its speed, security, features, and price, goes to the following:

  1. A2 Hosting
  2. DreamHost
  3. Kualo
  4. UltaHost
  5. Contabo

You can see the details here.

And, in case you are here to find out which is the most highest paying and lucrative web hosting affiliate programs:

  1. Liquid Web
  2. Kinsta
  3. WP Engine
  4. Cloudways
  5. A2 Hosting
  6. DreamHost

You can see more details here.

What do you think? Have we covered everything? Let us know in the comments.

Wish you all the best!

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